Limbaugh controversy good for his ratings, and ALL talk radio

Bob Nelson
Sat Mar 7 02:41:51 EST 2009

TALKERS magazine reports that what with the Rush Limbaugh controversy, his ratings have skyrocketed
from 14 to 25 million listeners. It could be just a temporary bump, with people checking him out, out
of curiosity, and TALKERS' Michael Harrison does admit talk radio listenership can be fluid of
course. But the attacks on Limbaugh's "I want Obama to fail" position could well result in
new listeners to political talk radio of any kind. (Add to that the frustration factor in the
economy, the "winds of change", and so on.

Which is fine by me. A rising tide lifts all boats. May talk radio attract new listeners, some of
whom will actually stick around, and the sponsors have to be happy, too.

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