Fitchburg: 1280 Tax Trouble?

Doug Drown
Fri Mar 6 23:47:58 EST 2009

I'd hate to see WEIM's properties seized.  I'm with you --- it's one of the 
most "listenable" stations around, and has a great history of engagement 
with the communities of its listening area.  I suppose small radio stations 
(heck, some big ones too) are hurting financially in the current climate, 
but are things that bad for The Blend?   -Doug

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>I spotted something in the local paper that has me worried about AM 1280 
>the Blend, a/k/a WEIM. Page 19 of the Friday, March 6 Sentinel & Enterprise 
>is entirely given over to a list of properties which the Cty of Fitchburg's 
>tax collector intends to take back because of taxes owed.?Among them: the 
>studio location and the transmitter site for WEIM.
> According to the Public Notice, William J. Macek (a/k/a Bill Marshall, 
> IIRC),?as trustee of Rosewood Realty Trust, owes $1,216.13 for the cramped 
> studio building, which sits on 0.165 acres at 762 Water Street across from 
> the Salvation Army, for Fiscal Year 2008.? Additionally, $6,003.09 is owed 
> for the same period on the nearly 24 acre transmitter site up on Alpine 
> Road.
> Oddly, WEIM is one of the few AM stations around which doesn't tax my ears 
> or patience.
> ---jim schuyler
> pop culture vulture

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