paternity tests business in Ct will explode

Fri Mar 6 11:03:30 EST 2009

Are you sure you mean FRANK Rich, the NYTimes editorial columnist, and
not now-defrocked financier and philanthropist MARC Rich? Why
would a performance venue be named after a still-living columnist,
albeit one who, in a previous job, was a movie or theater critic (also
for the Times)?

And yes, I'm aware that there is a theater near Times Sq that was
named for a Herald-Tribune or Times theater or movie critic (can't
remember his name), but wasn't that theater renamed in his honor after
he died?

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> The /Courant/ reports that they will be moving to the "Rich Forum at
> the troubled Stamford Center for the Arts".  ("Rich" in this case as
> in Frank Rich.)
> -GAWollman

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