so where does XWA Montreal fit into it?

Thu Mar 5 12:26:14 EST 2009

NARBA assigned 730, 800 (I believe), 900, 1050, 1220, and 1570 as
Mexican IA channels. 540 was added much later and is, AFAIK, the only
one of the Mexican ex-IA channels to which are assigned ex-IA stations
in both Mexico and Canada. Trying to trace the situation back to how
it was immediately post NARBA has become very difficult because what
exists today is quite different. Canada now puts the Class A label on
a bunch of stations that really aren't Class As. CKAC is one such.
CFRB is another. These stations get no protection to their skywave
service and, AFAIK, do not enjoy the CH protection or protection to
their 0.1 mV.m groundwave service that are accorded to true Class As.

The point that I'm trying to make is that, AFAIK, immediately after
NARBA, despite the long distance between the Mexico/US border and the
US/Canada border, Canada was allowed only Class II stations on the
Mexican IA channels. And the US was allowed only daytimers, except for
1050 in New York and 1220 in Cleveland, which were covered by treaties
separate from NARBA. Interestingly, somebody must have been thinking
about daytime skywave even back in 1941, because WHN and WGAR were
both required by treaty to operate DA-1. In both cases, the distance
to the closest point in Mexico was nearly 2000 miles.

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> It's my understanding that prior to NARBA, Mexico didn't have any
> channels reserved to it by treaty, hence the border blasters that
> operated wherever they could squeeze in. I'm pretty sure some of
> them used non-standard channels - wasn't XER/XERA on 835 or
> somesuch?
> Even after NARBA created channels for Mexico - 800, 900, 940, 1570,
> and I'm sure I'm missing one or two here working from memory - the
> distance between Canada and Mexico was such that those channels
> effectively became Canadian clears, too.

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