so where does XWA Montreal fit into it?

Garrett Wollman
Thu Mar 5 11:50:47 EST 2009

<<On Thu, 05 Mar 2009 11:10:59 -0500, Scott Fybush <> said:

> Which brings us to CFRB's situation: the CBC evidently had sufficient 
> political power during the WWII era to be able to take over private 
> high-powered facilities. It happened in Winnipeg, where CKY, with 50 kW 
> on clear-channel 990, ended up in CBC hands as CBW.

You will recall that, before the CRTC was established (1950s?), the
CBC was both the national public broadcaster and also the broadcasting
regulator.  The relevant Act of Parliament explcitly designated the
CBC as the principal broadcast voice of the nation.

> In Toronto, the CBC had operated CBY as a secondary service, ending up 
> on 1010 after NARBA with relatively low power. Somehow the CBC had the 
> political clout to swap facilities between CBY and privately-owned CFRB, 
> which had been running 10 kW ND on 860 after NARBA. (I think it had been 
> on 960 pre-NARBA; CBL had been on 840 with 50 kW ND.)

Almost right.

Here's the table for Toronto and Hamilton:

CBL	Toronto		  840	50,000	  740	50,000
CBY	Toronto		1,420	   100	1,010	 1,000
CFRB	Toronto		  690	10,000	  860	10,000
CKCL	Toronto		  580	 1,000	  580	 1,000
CKOC	Hamilton	1,120	 1,000D	1,150	 1,000D
				   500N		   500N
CHML	Hamilton	1,010	   100	  900	 1,000


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