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Laurence Glavin
Tue Mar 3 16:10:17 EST 2009

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>I have seen surveys that estimate that 70 percent of cable households
>would drop ESPN if a-la-carte became a reality.

>Locally it would have a severe impact on NESN as well. CSN is a little
>murky given that it is owned by Comcast.

>My friends in Montreal enjoy al-la-carte with Videotron where they can
>pick 45 channels for $30 and each additional channel is $1.

On 3/3/09, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> < said:
This is something that HAS to happen, and soon.  People are searching
for ways to economize everywhere they can;  WTKK's Jim and Marjorie 
show discussed people who take sugar and condiment packs home from 
restaurants (for today shouldn't it have been the Jim and Margarine show).
Just about everyone who gets basic cable is paying for dozens of channels
he or she never watches, even whole tiers of channels.  All during the 
time the Red Sox (and also the Broonz) were on a pay-only channel, I 
never ordered it, then it was added for JUST a couple of bucks a month.
I don't know if NESN is part of the reason for the latest fee boost on Comcast
(after deleting two channels I do watch: MSNBC and C-Span2) because the 
cost of that "service" is bundled into the whole package.  Even some 
sports fans may be find themselves irate at the humongus salaries for
guys who play a game for a living while wearing the uniform of a city 
they care very little about, but the SOURCE  of that dough is the money
demanded by the rights holders.

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