Follow-up To NERW Piece On W221CH

Sid Schweiger
Sun Mar 1 20:46:30 EST 2009

>>The contract stipulated that only certain AFTRA-represented employees 
> could do the IDs (the DJs could not do them, only "staff announcers," many 
> of whom also worked overnight news shifts on WABC).

Hmm.  That contradicts what I remember: that at TOH, following the :55 
network newscasts, Dan Ingram would be heard to say, "WABC, New York!," 
followed by the PAMS "Seven-ty-se-ven, W-A-B-C-e-e" jingle.  His voice gave 
the ID all day and night, regardless of whose show was being 

The AFTRA contract was renegotiated after the 1967 strike (the one that put a CBS lawyer named Arnold Zenker behind Walter Cronkite's anchor desk), from which time any AFTRA-represented employee could do the legal ID's.  BTW, the legal ID usually FOLLOWED the jingle (the Contempo Sig cut from PAMS series 18, "Sonosational") after that time, regardless of who was saying it.  Before then, when the staff announcers did it, the news outro went something like: "News at :55 and :25, next news when it happens on WABC New York," and then the Contempo Sig jingle was played.

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