The courtship of NBC by the Hearld-Traveler

Scott Fybush
Sun Jun 21 21:48:52 EDT 2009

Garrett Wollman wrote:

> Why Fresno instead of Detroit?  No clue, but it could have had to do
> with theorized synergies with the other two California stations.

Or the national TV audience-reach cap, which I'm pretty sure was already 
in effect at that point and couldn't have been any higher than 25% then.

I think the FCC was also leery back then about creating new radio-TV 
combos where they weren't already grandfathered.

Let's not forget that it was just 15 years earlier that the FCC was 
seriously contemplating imposing a "one to a market" rule that would 
have broken up TV/radio and even AM/FM combos.

1986 was much closer, regulatorily speaking, to 1971 than to 1996.

s (who really should be writing NERW...)

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