The Old WHDH-TV Channel 5 equipment (was Re: The courtship of NBC by the Herald-Traveler)

Kevin Vahey
Sun Jun 21 04:20:02 EDT 2009

Clancy ordered new TK-44 cameras to replace the TK-41's in the news
studio and also to replace the cameras in the remote unit used for
baseball and bowling

Clancy did sell the remote unit to WCVB and they used it on the
bowling show. WBZ simply took over the KYW remote truck and used that
at Fenway with TK-44's

WSBK not only got the Sox footage but bought the entire WHDH sports
film archive and WSBK later gave everything to the Sports Museum. WNAC
got the WHDH newsfilm archive simply because 7 didn't have much of

BBI by March of 1972 was out of money and WHDH finally got some dirt
on them and it went to the Supreme Court one more time the day before
the switch. Had another stay been issued BBI would have been toast.

Of course the promise of local ownership would turn out to be a nice
scam as BBI had a silent partner in Metromedia who would later buy out
BBI. Bob Bennett who ran WCVB had been #2 at Metromedia and WCVB had a
nice cozy relationship with MM. Then MM hit the jackpot with Rupert
Murdoch and when the dust cleared Hearst who had sold the Herald to
Rupert winds up buying WCVB which made the rest of the MM sale to FOX
a steal.

To be fair BBI when under local ownership really came through. They
were perhaps the only major station that really took the local access
mandate to the letter. Westinghouse did have Evening Magazine as well
but in the end it all became syndicated junk (Chronicle being a major

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