The old WUPY Lynn tower?

Fri Jun 19 09:38:06 EDT 2009

I absolutely don't remember the jazz format. Doesn't mean there wasn't
a jazz format, but I'm a jazz enthusiast--at least of the tamer
genres, though not of the All-Kenny G-all-the-time variety that some
programmers have the nerve to call "smooth jazz." I would think that
if WUPY played any sort of jazz that I enjoyed, I would remember it,
but I sure don't; I can't remember any particular kind of music on
WUPY--just truly awful, totally amateurish drivel by guys who sounded
as if they thought they were running a fraternity party and were in
the condition that you would expect of guys at a fraternity party.

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> Interesting.  I may have been thinking of another station --- an AM
> daytimer, as I said --- that had similar calls and was on the air
> later (mid-'70s).  I distinctly remember the jingles
> ("rumpa-tumpa-tumpa-tumpa-tum, WHOOPIE!").
> What I can't recall is where the station was.  Portland, maybe?  It
> didn't last long.
> FWIW: The first FM jazz station I ever knew of was WJZZ down in
> Bridgeport, which went on the air in the early '60s and was owned by
> Dave Brubeck, IIRC, who lives in that area.  I don't know its
> subsequent history.  It was a nationally-touted novelty back
> en.   -Doug
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>> On 18 Jun 2009 at 10:09, Doug Drown wrote:
>>> I have only a vague memory of WUPY . . . remind me of when it
>>> operated. There were quite a few daytimers that went on the air
>>> and
>>> had short lives during the waning days of AM Top 40, IIRC.   -Doug
>> This one was an FM station which featured 24-hour jazz.
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