The old WUPY Lynn tower?

Thu Jun 18 12:32:41 EDT 2009

I was wrong about the Class A maximum of that day (1961-63). It was
not 3 kW @ 300' AAT as I wrote; it was 1 kW @ 250'. Somebody here
surely knows when the A maximum was raised to 3 kW @ 300', but I do
not know. In any event, as reported by Paul Walker, 1.4 kW at an
unspecified height (I believe it was more than 250' AAT, but I don't
know that), was enough to lift WUPY/WUPI out of Class A.

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> Many "class B" stations of the pre-'64 era operated at just over 3
> kW
> -- enough to reserve the channel (this being before the Table of
> Allotments) without making a huge investment in the facility in case
> FM turned out to be a passing fad.
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