WHDH-DT Now Simulcasting

Ron Bello rbello@belloassoc.com
Tue Jun 16 23:07:40 EDT 2009

At 10:49 PM 6/16/2009, Roger Kirk wrote:
>Garrett Wollman wrote:
> >> Not that I trust $40 coupon tuners to do the right thing.
>News story today on WBZ (AM) about Worcester residents having major 
>problems receiving Digital TV stations after 6/12.
>The obligatory interview with a stereotypical, older, helpless 
>female who couldn't make her converter work, so she called her son 
>and he couldn't make it work, either.  So, (insert SFX of hand 
>wringing here) her only remaining options are "A Bigger Antenna", a 
>Dish or "Cable"  - with cable at least $45/month.  Also, a quick 
>sound byte of a technical person talking about the "Cliff Effect."

Anyone who knows Worcester, the city of 7 hills, knows TV reception 
has always been an issue.
There are hills to the east of Worcester blocking the signals from Boston.
Worcester was among the first (it not the first) places with cable in 
MA in the 60s to solve the issue.
This was ignored by BZ. 

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