Digital TV Conversion - CH9 WMUR Manchester NH

Matthew Osborne
Sun Jun 14 00:06:55 EDT 2009

Wow, I'm surprised at the number of issues being experienced by folks on this list with VHF DTV reception.  Now granted, I only live about 20 air miles from the Helderberg Mountain transmit site of all Albany NY market DTV signals, but I just have a plain old set of rabbit ears with a UHF loop antenna, with an attached fine-tuning knob.  I have had no trouble whatsoever getting consistently strong, reliable signals on WXXA (RF channel 7) and WNYT (RF channel 12), as well as all the UHFs for almost 3 years now.  Further, as of this morning, I am also getting strong and consistent reception of WRGB (RF channel 6).  I'm hearing all of your stories about having antenna setups *FAR* more elaborate and expensive than what I have, and am just amazed at the number of issues being encountered.  

Has anyone else here tried the old-fashioned rabbit ears with a UHF loop antenna and built-in fine tuning antenna approach yet?  I don't know how distant I could go and still get the reception I get now with this, but its worked well for me so far.

                                         Matt Osborne
                                         Schenectady, NY

--- On Sat, 6/13/09, John Bolduc <> wrote:
> Channel 9 was off the air for only 18 minutes, not the two
> hours they had indicated.  Outdoor antenna reception
> from two homes both 12-14 miles from transmitter are both
> just fine. Just a slightly weaker signal indication (ie 80
> vs 86). Also a bit less atable on the signal strength
> wavering often from 78-82. 
> Indoors at both locations 12-14 miles away from the
> transmitter, the previous potent RF59 WMUR signal is totally
> non receivable on RF9 on indoor rabit ears. 


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