...and speaking of anniversaries...

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If you have the information, I would be curious to know when Jerry was
supposed to have worked for WEDO, McKeesport, PA.

Also, WEDO, according to the owner at that time, Ed Hirshberg (sp) was the
first, or at least one of the first stations to use a jingle ID which was
simply:  "W E D O, On your Ra-de-o, in McKeesport, P.A."


Ira Apple

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WHEB in Portsmouth (1-kw daytimer on 750) was an NBC affiliate, at least in 
the '60s.


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> The most famous and long-running case of CBS on a daytimer that I can 
> think of (OK, it wasn't, strictly speaking, a daytimer; it was a 
> limited-time station) was WHCU (a commercial station, then owned by 
> Cornell U) in Ithaca NY. WHCU was allowed to stay on the air until New 
> Orleans sunset. WHCU did not get to operate full time until the early 
> 1980s, I believe, but with the great soil conductivity north of Ithaca and

> (eventually) a 5-kW ND (it was 1 kW ND for many years) daytime signal on 
> 870, WHCU was the best game on the AM dial between Syracuse and Rochester,

> especially when you consider that NBC's Red Network had locked up the big 
> signals in those two citues (WSYR and WHAM) and CBS had to settle for 
> high-on-the dial signals there--WFBL 1390 and WHEC 1460.
> Seems to me that I've also heard that one of the four radio networks at 
> one point was affiliated with WEDO McKeesport, a 1-kW ND daytime-only 
> Pittsburgh-market station on 810. Like WHCU, WEDO (one of the first 
> stations that Jerry Williams worked for--I don't think Williams had yet 
> discovered two-way talk at that time) has an excellent signal for its 
> power.
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