Digital TV Conversion

Laurence Glavin
Fri Jun 12 15:55:16 EDT 2009

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>In my town, and I suspect many others, you have to go to the town yard
>and pay $15.00 cash for a sticker that you place on each TV you want
>taken away. Then you have to lug the TV or TVs to curbside early on
>your designated trash-pickup day. I had a set that I couldn't manag
>by myself (too big and too heavy for me). Big Brother/Big Sister took
>two sets for just about the cost of two stickers and they came inside
>and picked them up. Any permits required were their responsibility.

Last summer, Waste Management and Sony offered free pickup of TVs,
computers, VCRSs and maybe some other stuff, if you brought them down
to the stadium where the Patriots play, in Foxboro.  The only cost
then would have been the gasoline and wear-and-tear on my vehicle, but 
I went down there, and was impressed with the efficiency of the whole
operation, and the personnel couldn't have been nicer.  Now, I
was left with my big TV on cable and the tabletop model I use with a 
digital-to-analog box.  Good deal!  Anyway, this was before anyone NOT reading
the Sunday NY Times would have thought the general economy was ok, but I
was astounded be the horde of retail outlets on the stadium grounds, just a 
short distance from all the similar or identical outlets on route 1, not
to mention a cineplex and beaucoups (a little French lingo) restaurants.
I wondered then how all these businesses could survice while competitors and
co-owned faclities were vying for the same consumers!  Sort of like all the
radio stations playing the same recordings or right-wing talk shows, right?

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