...and speaking of anniversaries...

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Hi Rick-

The original WTRI-FM site - the one I visited with my Dad - was definitely 
on Heldeberg.  They may have moved to Bald Mountain at some point, but my 
parents lived in Altamont in the very late 40's to be close to the 

Channel 13 analog is on Bald Mountain on a big tower, and has been there 
from at least the late 60's.

I wonder whether the Bald Mountain tower was moved from Vail Mills. That 
would explain some tower sections on the ground there. The Channel 13 tower 
is probably 850' or so, and Vail Mills was several hundred feet higher.


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> A couple of brief corrections, as I recall:
> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 11:20 PM, Dave Doherty<dave@skywaves.net> wrote:
>> and AFAIK WTRY didn't have an FM partner again until the
>> consolidation movement in the 90's.
> Actually, 106.5FM licensed to Albany, WDKC was owned by Kops-Monahan
> (along with WTRY) signed on in the late 1960's - later changed calls
> briefly to WTRY-FM (and then to WHSH, then to WPYX)
>> In the late 1950's, I went to the
>> WTRI-FM site on Heldeberg Mountain with my Dad, and I recall the tower
>> sections stacked on the ground with the weeds growing up over them.
> You're thinking of the Channel 35 (WTRI-TV) tower site on Bald
> Mountain in Brunswick, NY outside of Troy (called Bald Hill by Scott).
> We'd ride our bikes up the mountain and spend the day up there in my
> teen years.  the pieces of the Channel 35 towers were still up there
> (late 1960's).
> -Rick Kelly
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