Digital TV Conversion

Mike Ward
Thu Jun 11 23:20:37 EDT 2009

Scott Fybush wrote:

> Here's my understanding based on events of the last few days: the FCC 
> has backed off enforcing the six-hour windows it had asked stations to 
> commit to. In addition, there are certain last-minute requirements, in 
> particular maintaining an open call center for a fixed period following 
> analog shutdown, that have caused stations to reconsider their shutdown 
> times, often at the last second.

This happened in Toledo with WUPW/36 (Fox)...they were planning on 
dumping analog 36 at 6 PM, but moved to 10 AM due to the call center issue.

WKYC/3 locally (NBC) has been running its new DT 17 facility almost 
continuously since it first lit up earlier this afternoon.  I wonder if 
the FCC is being charitable about stations bringing "post-transition 
only" DTV assignments a day early.  I presume they can log it to testing...

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