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On 10 Jun 2009 at 23:20, Dave Doherty wrote:

> My Dad worked for a short time in the late 40's at WTRI-FM, which was
> co-owned with WTRY (980, now WOFX)) and spawned WTRI-TV, which I think
> was a UHF that eventually morphed into channel 13. 

WTRI-TV was on channel 35. It originally was a nominal CBS affiliate 
(as WTRY radio was a CBS affiliate).  It went off when CBS shifted 
its affiliation to channel 41.  Somewhere around that same time WROW 
radio became the CBS radio affiliate.  I don't know if there was any 
connection.  During all of this, WRGB, nominally an NBC affiliate, 
carried a lot of programs from CBS, ABC, and DuMont as well.  A year 
or so later WTRI returned to the air as a full ABC affiliate, at 
which time WCDA, etc. became a full CBS affiliate and WRGB became a 
full NBC affiliate.

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