WLNE (was WBZ-TV Anniversary)

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Wed Jun 10 17:41:17 EDT 2009

Mike Ward wrote:
> Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> Wouldn't that have to be WPLR-TV, since the WPLR (FM) calls have been 
>> in New Haven forever.  My search showed calls of KDNL-TV for Channel 
>> 30 in
>> St Louis, but that would probably the RF channel and maybe you weren't 
>> talking about the RF channel.
> Nope, it is indeed KDLR-TV, analog 30, that's the ABC affiliate with no 
> news in St. Louis.

Make that KDNL-TV...I think the original poster was getting it confused 
with the market's longtime indie, KPLR-TV 11 (now the CW affiliate 
there, if memory serves.)

While KDNL and WXLV are the largest ABC affiliates with no local news, 
they're not the only ones. WATM in Altoona PA has no local newsroom (it 
simulcasts news with NBC affiliate WJAC), and the same is now true of 
WIVT in Binghamton and WWTI in Watertown. WBND-LP in South Bend does 
just one 5-minute newscast a day, anchored at a sister station in 
Milwaukee. Out west, there are several small ABC affiliates with no 
local news, including most of the ABC stations in Montana. KTKA in 
Topeka was newsless for a while, but may have restarted a news operation.

And to answer Dan's question about how the TVFMSTNS software will 
display stations after Friday, I'm pretty sure it will show only RF 
channels, since it draws its data from the FCC database, which presently 
has no field for virtual channel number.


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