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On 9 Jun 2009 at 9:27, Mark Laurence wrote:

> The rise of TV news was harsh on evening newspapers, and so was the 
> shift from public transportation to commuting by car to more suburban 
> locations.  At the same time fewer people were taking the train home, 
> traffic was making it more difficult to get the evening paper 
> delivered on time.

This is all true, except that the Post -- which I remember well -- 
was a morning paper. 

Oh.  Heh, I guess that blows that theory.  My newspaper reading didn't start until all those evening papers, and the Post, had disappeared, although I do remember the Evening Globe for a few years.  I think I have the Boston Post confused with the Worcester Evening Post, which I never read either, but whose masthead survived in small type on the front page of the Evening Gazette for many years after its death.

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