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Wed Jun 10 01:24:27 EDT 2009

On 9 Jun 2009 at 3:19, Maureen Carney wrote:

> Originally WHDH applied for channel 13. Before the freeze the Boston
> metro area had 2-4-7-9-13 allocated, with 2 set for Lexington and
> not Boston. The Boston Post was interested in a license as well. The
> interest in 5 went up when WTAG passed - combine that with 2
> ultimately being assigned to educational TV and 9 & 13 to other
> markets, almost all interested parties thought they could get 5
> moved into Boston anyway.

What I don't understand is why WBZ and WNAC managed to get on the air
before the freeze, but the various applicants for channel 5 didn't. 
Did that have to do with the fact that channel 5 was originally
allcoated to Worcester?

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