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On 9 Jun 2009 at 9:27, Mark Laurence wrote:

> The rise of TV news was harsh on evening newspapers, and so was the 
> shift from public transportation to commuting by car to more suburban 
> locations.  At the same time fewer people were taking the train home, 
> traffic was making it more difficult to get the evening paper 
> delivered on time.

This is all true, except that the Post -- which I remember well -- 
was a morning paper.  It was known at one time as New England's 
Breakfast Table Newspaper.

Back in those days it apparently was not uncommon for people to read 
more than one paper.  I don't know how they had time, but apparently 
they did.  My parents used to get the morning Post and evening 
Traveler, and both the Post and the Globe on Sunday.  At one point my 
mother decided she didn't like the Post any more.  She said it had 
changed from a Democratic paper to a Republican paper.  I didn't 
understand what she meant.  

She switched to the daily and Sunday Herald and the evening Christian 
Science Monitor.  I missed some of the comics in the Traveler, 
particularly Alley Oop.  Then my father, who worked in Quincy, 
started bringing home the Patriot Ledger, which I liked because it 
had Alley Oop.  I guess I still saw the Sunday Post comics because my 
grandparents got both that and the Sunday Advertiser.
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