Mark Laurence marklaurence@mac.com
Tue Jun 9 09:27:24 EDT 2009

On Jun 9, 2009, at 8:55 AM, Doug Drown wrote:

> I'd also like to know --- even though it's not directly relevant to  
> this Board --- what it was that caused the collapse of The Boston  
> Post.  I was about six when it became defunct; I can remember  
> reading the comics in the Sunday edition.  In a day when newspapers  
> were [relatively] thriving, how could New England's largest- 
> circulation newspaper in 1948 be a memory ten years later?

The rise of TV news was harsh on evening newspapers, and so was the  
shift from public transportation to commuting by car to more suburban  
locations.  At the same time fewer people were taking the train home,  
traffic was making it more difficult to get the evening paper  
delivered on time.

Evening papers collapsed earlier in large cities than you might  
think.  Boston had the American, the Post, the Traveler, and the  
Evening Globe, but by the mid 60's only the Evening Globe existed as  
a separate paper.  The Post was most vulnerable because it had no  
sister morning paper to help it survive.

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