Radio and Records to Close?????

Donna Halper
Wed Jun 3 16:50:13 EDT 2009

At 04:46 PM 6/3/2009, Mark Watson wrote:

>Dave Tomm wrote:
>>They don't want to pay for the staff needed to keep the site up and 
>>running.  R&R's site is just an add on to the dead tree version.
>   According to the R&R timeline in the closing story I read  no 
> more than 15 minutes prior to this post on their website (which now 
> appears to be gone as of this post) and also from Wikipedia, the 
> last edition published on newsprint was August 4th, 2006. It 
> appears they've been on-line only since then.

And that is why we don't trust Wikipedia.  I've been an advertiser 
and I am still a subscriber.  I've gotten a weekly dead-tree edition 
for years.  Just got one last week in fact.  

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