Radio and Records to Close?????

Dave Tomm
Wed Jun 3 16:04:58 EDT 2009

They don't want to pay for the staff needed to keep the site up and  
running.  R&R's site is just an add on to the dead tree version.   
There's very little advertising on it.  The publication has been dying  
a slow death since Neilson bought it three years ago.  They had no  
interest in transitioning to the web, and over time sites like All  
Access, FMQB and Radio-Info have surpassed R&R as the primary media of  
the radio industry.  The labels still deal with Billboard, also owned  
by Neilson, so some ad dollars may transfer over there.  With fewer  
programming decisions being made at the local level, and increased  
competition on the web, R&R had no audience anymore.  It's a shame  
that so many bad decisions led to it's demise.

-Dave Tomm

On Jun 3, 2009, at 3:36 PM, Donna Halper wrote:

> At 03:24 PM 6/3/2009, Bob Nelson wrote:
>> details from R&R
> Yeah but why is their parent company even taking down their  
> website?  Web publications still do get read, don't they?

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