750 CP's

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You forgot, and in my previous reply, I also forgot WVNE. That would
have to be purchased and taken dark. And since WVNE is the only
broadcast service licensed to Leicester, deleting that signal would be
difficult to pull off--especially with the FCC under control of the
Democrats, who have already expressed a dim view of moving signals out
of less populous area to provide additional services to densely
populated areas that are already adequately served. Perhaps that
concern could be mitigated by minority ownership of a 750 licensed to
a community in greater Boston, but even if a suitable site could be
found (good luck!), you could expect the wrangling to continue for
decades. Bob Vinikoor invested a decade trying to build a 50 kW
(daytime) 720 signal in the upper Connecticut Valley of NH and VT, and
you can see what that got him--only huge legal bills and a Pyrrhic
victory in the NH Supreme Court.

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> Couldn't a 750 (or 720) station in Boston be a more profitable
> venture than one in Bangor ?
> Existing WJIB-740 would be bought out and taken dark and the 750
> signal might be operable out of the WRKO Burlington (or WWDJ
> Lexington ?) site with existing or added towers.  Pattern would beam
> all to the southeast at the city.  Not sure if 680 and 750 are too
> close in frequency to diplex; 680 and 720 likely are.

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