750 CP's

markwa1ion@aol.com markwa1ion@aol.com
Wed Jun 3 08:41:02 EDT 2009

Couldn't a 750 (or 720) station in Boston be a more profitable venture 
than one in Bangor ?

Existing WJIB-740 would be bought out and taken dark and the 750 signal 
might be operable out of the WRKO Burlington (or WWDJ Lexington ?) site 
with existing or added towers.  Pattern would beam all to the southeast 
at the city.  Not sure if 680 and 750 are too close in frequency to 
diplex; 680 and 720 likely are.

Or one could look into such a station in Manchester, NH with the same 
pattern out of the existing WGIR-610 site.  50 kW day / 10 kW night out 
of there would certainly deliver a reasonable signal through most of 
the Merrimack Valley and a chunk of north suburban Boston bounded by 
the NH border on the north, Route 128 on the south, Route 1 on the 
east, and Route 3 on the west.

Portland, ME would be another possibility though both 730 WJTO and 740 
WJIB may have to be bought out.  The transmitter site would have to be 
north or northwest of the city as the signal would have to be maximum 
between 90 and 180 degrees.  This would deliver a smokin' signal to 
Cape Ann and outer Cape Cod as well.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
Billerica, MA

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> Anyone have any info on the status of their CP for 750 kHz 50 kW-D/10
> kW-N DA-N in Hampden (Bangor) ME? Technically, this appears to be a
> very sound application and the facility, along with WGAN and WZON,
> would certainly become one of Maine's top three AM signals. (As
> Maine's only 50 kW daytime AM signal and only 10 kW nighttime AM
> signal, it could be claimed to be the Pinetree State's BEST AM
> signal.) According to the application, the NIF would be just 9.99
> mV/m. This CP seems rather far along--the FAA has assigned ASRN's to
> the four towers. However, only a little over six months remain before
> the CP expires on 12/13/2009--if it is not tolled.

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