Hecht and Alonso

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Tue Jun 2 22:01:15 EDT 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> But then again, Scott has pointed out that Alonso is a former principal 
> of Hispanic broadcaster Mega Communications. (Does it still exist?) So 
> if WRME is built, it might wind up programmed in Spanish. However, I 
> don't know whether there are enough Hispanics in central Maine to 
> support a station and, anyhow, some have speculated that it was Hecht 
> and Alonso's intent flip the station once they had gotten it on the air. 
> So if it is built, it might NOT wind up programmed in Spanish. I get the 
> feeling that it won't be built and we will, therefore, never know.

There is no Hispanic community of any significant size in Bangor, nor in 
Burlington. I'm quite certain that Alonso never intended to program 
these stations in Spanish, if he ever intended to operate them himself 
at all.


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