Hecht and Alonso

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But then again, Scott has pointed out that Alonso is a former 
principal of Hispanic broadcaster Mega Communications. (Does it still 
exist?) So if WRME is built, it might wind up programmed in Spanish. 
However, I don't know whether there are enough Hispanics in central 
Maine to support a station and, anyhow, some have speculated that it 
was Hecht and Alonso's intent flip the station once they had gotten it 
on the air. So if it is built, it might NOT wind up programmed in 
Spanish. I get the feeling that it won't be built and we will, 
therefore, never know.

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> Hampden is a nice community (as in "niiiice") --- gently rolling 
> countryside, pleasant, quiet, suburban without the trappings of 
> suburbia. Hence I suspect it is prime NIMBY territory.  The town is 
> one of the more upscale of the Bangor-Brewer area.  It would be a 
> great place for radio towers --- there's a lot of open space --- but 
> there would probably be a lot of opposition.
> That having been said, I'd love to see this plan come to pass 
> somehow.  Much of Maine radio is a train wreck, and it would be nice 
> to find another alternative (there are precious few) to the usual 
> stuff that's offered out there.    -Doug
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>> Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>>> I've never been in Hampden ME; I don't even know the closest I've 
>>> ever
>>> been to Hampden. But I do know that the areal view of the proposed
>>> WRME site at CDBS certainly LOOKS nice. Appears to be just the 
>>> right
>>> shape and size for the array and it looks like nice flat land that
>>> seems to be covered with grass and has no trees on it. All of the
>>> trees are beyond the periphery of the site. Also, the NIF from 
>>> that
>>> site appears to completely encompass Bangor (and lots of other 
>>> places
>>> in central Maine). Amazing! One would certainly think that the
>>> neighbors wouldn't want no stinkin' towers there;>( (especially 
>>> since
>>> the towers would be 270' high, which means that at least two of 
>>> them
>>> would be illuminated.
>> Hampden is a stone's throw from Bangor & Brewer. I've driven 
>> through many times on my way to PEI.  Looking for NIMBY?  This 
>> could very well be it. Herewith a link to a retirement village in 
>> Hampden, ME.
>> Towers? I don't think so.
>> http://www.youtube.com/user/AvalonVillageME

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