Yet ANOTHER Brockton pirate!@#$* (BURRRRRR.....)

Kevin Driscoll
Sat Jan 31 12:48:20 EST 2009

This might sound like a facetious question but I'm truly curious to
hear your thoughts, BRI.

Seeing as pirates / unlicensed broadcasters aren't going anywhere,
would it be useful to make a reference website to help them prevent
these issues?

Has anyone gotten in touch with these stations regarding their
technical problems in hopes of correcting them?

Kevin (long-time lurker!)

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 11:35 AM, Peter Q. George
<> wrote:
>  I noticed this week yet ANOTHER Brockton Haitian FM boot has sprung up on the east side of the city.  Geez, man!!*&@! This time, it is on 104.3, first adjacent to WBCN/104.1 and WXLO/104.5.  As usual, it is overmodulated and has a very unstable stereo signal.  I'm sure CBS would love to see this happening to their signal from Boston.  This recent spate of pirate activity astounds truly me.  The pirates of the 1980's (much as they were illegal) at least took an effort to make sure that no other stations would be interfered with. They all seemed to had some technical sense of putting a quality Stereo signal on the air without ruining another station's signal.
>  Today, however, these "Johnny-come-lately" boots simply pick any spot at random on the dial (even first adjacents to a local signal) and splatter the living daylights out of them.  On top it, another DX spot is ruined.  This is a joke.
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