WCSH-TV on the radio

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 11:14:41 EST 2009

Right--once I saw it passed the Senate I figured it will be fast-tracked to law
eventually and given the number of people who still haven't gotten the coupons,
and those who still haven't found out about it (perhaps a small
percentage overall
but still quite a few people), Congress, etc figured they may as well push BACK
the final-final-absolute final deadline.

I picked up a pirate once in Haverhill on 87.9--playing stuff like
excerpts from the
South Park movie. I don't think it was from someone's house or from a
nearby car.

> It's a done deal at this point. The only reason it didn't get done a couple
> of weeks ago was that Republicans in the Senate were holding it up - that
> bar has now been cleared and the only remaining obstacle is reconciling the
> Senate bill with a similar one in the House.
> It's largely a feel-good bill at this point, since stations can still sign
> off on 2/17 if they want to, and it looks like enough of them will do so to
> make universal analog TV a thing of the past de facto, if not de jure, long
> before June.
> s

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