DTV rescan finds a number of numbers changes

John Bolduc
Tue Jan 27 07:31:35 EST 2009

>>From: Scott Fybush <>

>>Do you, by chance, have a Sony TV?

I have a Sony TV, but it's analog, so it does not factor in. My DTV box is a Digital Stream. I have both the analog pass through and a non-pass through version.
So now I have a Sony with a great analog tuner hooked to a mediocre DTV box.
Just to notice,  channel 21.1 and channel 21.2,  Ion and Qubo pulled another switch. Ion is now 21.2, Qubo bumped up to 21.1 (Concord NH). This just one or two days after their previous shuffle.
So when I went to watch NCIS I got cartoons. Since Ion shuffles their schedule quite a bit, it took me a few minutes to realize that the Goth Lab Rat was now on 21.2.
John B
Derry NH

From: Scott Fybush <>

Do you, by chance, have a Sony TV?

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