Montreal cable and HDTV

Doug Drown
Mon Jan 26 23:05:29 EST 2009

If I'm not mistaken, folks in the Fredericton, N.B., area also get WHDH, WBZ 
and WXYZ as the principal American network stations on their cable. 
Maritimers and Quebecois have long-held sentimental, economic and  familial 
ties with Boston and the rest of New England, so I can see why the Boston 
stations would be desirable there, but like you, I don't understand where 
Detroit fits into the picture.  Must have something to do with some kind of 
inaccessibility vis-a-vis WCVB.  Curiously, many Maritimers have no access 
to Maine television, either, not even WAGM in Presque Isle.


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> On Sun, 25 Jan 2009 21:45:32 Kevin Vahey
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>> In Montreal for the NHL All Star Game and I have
>> noticed something odd
>> on Videotron cable.
>> For the US networks in analog they are picking up
>> 3-5 and 22 out of
>> Burlington-Plattsburg but when you go to HD they are
>> picking up WBZ,
>> WHDH and WXYZ Detroit (Detroit??)  PBS is WGBH and
>> FOX is 44 analog
>> and HD is from Rochester.
>> I am wondering if they are having a problem getting
>> DTV over the air
>> and will they just switch to bird feeds come next
>> month?
>> That would be a huge advertising blow to the Vermont
>> outlets.
>>From what I understand, they could very well be having
> problems getting the Burlington/Plattsburgh DTV
> signals right now.  AFAIK, the only DTV stations up
> there on the air at or even close to full power are
> WPTZ-DT, WETK-DT and WFFF-DT.  WCAX is currently
> broadcasting on temporary channel 53 (On Feb 19, they
> will be moving to 22, WVNY's analog channel), WVNY's
> DTV signal is on VHF channel 13, and I don't think
> WCFE-DT (transmitting from Lyon Mountain just outside
> Plattsburgh NY) is even on the air right now (they
> suffered a major fire at their transmitter site
> recently; last I heard they were broadcasting an SD
> only feed on one of WCAX-DT's sub channels).  I know
> that WVNY-DT is at severely reduced power right now to
> protect WNYT-TV Albany's analog signal, and I would
> think that WCAX's temporary setup on channel 53 is
> also not running at full power.  Any
> corrections/updates anyone may have for that info
> would be appreciated, as some of this data may be
> outdated by now.
>    Hopefully after Feb 19 this situation will improve
> dramatically.
>                              Matt Osborne
>                              Schenectady, NY

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