Clear Channel Cuts Announced, 1850 People Out Of Work

Scott Fybush
Tue Jan 20 22:10:28 EST 2009

Sean Smyth wrote:
> On Tue, 1/20/09, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
>> However chances of his being fired in Chicago papers
>> tomorrow is slim
>> and none because of another story.
> Which is why it was done today.

See my earlier response to Kevin about this...
> When does/did Obama make an appointment to the FCC? Is broadcast regulation/enforcement anywhere on his radar? 

Obama will get two appointments off the bat: he's apparently picked his 
Harvard Law classmate Julius Genachowski to replace Kevin Martin as 
chairman, though the appointment hasn't been officially announced when 
last I checked, and he'll get to name a Republican to replace Deborah 
Taylor Tate, whose term expired earlier this month. Three more 
commissioners - McDowell (R) and Copps and Adelstein (D) - stay on.

Broadcast regulation is somewhere on his radar, in the form of more 
localism requirements and possibly revisiting ownership caps and 
broadcast/print cross-ownership, but it looks like the immediate focus 
at the FCC, once the urgent matter of the DTV conversion is dealt with, 
will be broadband - good stuff like net neutrality that got lost in the 
deregulatory fervor of the Martin commission.


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