Stand Alone Translators?

Scott Fybush
Tue Jan 13 16:45:42 EST 2009

Paul Hopfgarten wrote:

> Now, IIRC, TXs can not operate independently...
> I've also confirmed that 1370 AM is NOT playing this format/station.
> My last guess is that maybe this is what's on WZID-HD2 (if they have one...)
> Anyone know about this one????

Saga has been one of the most aggressive operators in taking advantage 
of a loophole in FCC rules that indeed appears to allow translators to 
relay an HD subchannel. As this week's NERW reports, they have two of 
them going in Keene, and others in Ithaca NY and Asheville NC.

So, yes, I'd bet you're hearing WZID's HD2 being relayed.


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