WBZ... 'Dispirit' of New England

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Yes we are - or rather were except for Jordan now.  I initially thought 
Jordan and Dan were awaiting for the second shoe to fall.  However, Jordan's 
show was broadcast to WCCO this morning.

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> WBZ listeners at night are there purposefully. It is appointment radio 
> with a stable brand. And there is the (perhaps false) sense that if news 
> breaks in Boston that someone in the BZ newsroom will be there to dig into 
> it and report on it. Now, it is akin to a skipping record going 
> unattended. How can a demo with millions not benefit from a single live 
> news/talk source?
> This is really not a corporate greed issue; it is no one on the business 
> end of the snake too afraid to risk it all and stand up for the business, 
> whether it be quality refrigerators or a  a relevant, set apart radio 
> choice.  There are worse things than losing your job over something you go 
> public with and stand up for.  Blame 'corporate' all you wish, but I'll go 
> with the local pant loads willing to bend over.
> Bill O'Neill

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