analog shutdown maybe delayed

Richard Chonak
Sat Jan 10 15:02:34 EST 2009

Brian Vita wrote:
>> There's an editorial in the NY Times today entitled "The Looming TV
>> Blackout"
>> In it, they refer, twice, to "miscalculations by government and
>> industry" without actually explaining
>> specifically what these miscalculations are.
>> Any ideas about these "miscalculations?"
> [Brian Vita] 
> Its just the Gray Lady's usual new style of finger pointing reporting.  They
> are so against the current administration that they've lost sight of factual
> articles and now resort to innuendo and unsubstantiated rumor.  The once
> proud bastion of accuracy is now a joke.  I can't look at it anymore.

I'm not a fan of the NYT, but I think the term "miscalculations" 
probably does fit here.

As Garrett mentioned, "the FCC assumes that all OTA television viewers 
have an outdoor antenna 30 feet above ground".   This is certainly not 
true at present.  To keep their current reception, some viewers will 
have to install an outdoor antenna or raise the one they have.   Some 
renters, condo-dwellers, and residents of trailer parks won't be 
permitted to do that.

There will be great whining and gnashing of teeth!

By the way, how's the transition in Wilmington going?    Hawaii's next week!


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