Hannity and Colmes

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What about "Speed" Anderson overnights on WEZE? I don't know that I
ever knew "Speed's" first name but he played great jazz (at least the
kind of jazz I enjoy; a lot of people probably think it doesn't
qualify for the name jazz). Given the current connotation of the word
speed, I suspect that if Anderson were alive today and working in
radio (he probably isn't; he didn't seem especially young in those
days and that was more than 30 years ago), he almost surely would have
needed some nickname other than Speed--or Easy Speed as he sometimes
called himself.

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Let's not forget the LOCAL and LIVE overnights stations all had:  WEZE
Bob Stuart with Music/Talk (I would drive by and wave to him at the
Hotel studio window), Leslie Palmiter (sp?) on WCOZ, and my all time
favorite overnight host: the one and only Larry Glick!

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