do people know AM still exists?

Kevin Vahey
Fri Jan 9 19:08:16 EST 2009

At least WEEI caught a break when CKVL went dark as that station never
went to night pattern and just killed EEI at night.

I don't understand the logic of what Canada is doing as the AM's in
big cities will continue to operate.

Could somebody petition the CRTC to put a new signal on 1070 as was
done in Montreal and Toronto?

I also am amused that Radio-Canada doesn't appear to be vacating 860
in Toronto anytime soon.

On 1/9/09, Sid Schweiger <> wrote:
>>>While I cannot see AM dying in the US the way it has across most of
> Canada it is becoming a vast wasteland that would horrify Newton
> Minnow today.<<
> AM is dying in Canada because the government wants it that way.  One could
> argue, I suppose, that the way FCC regulates radio in the US has effectively
> marginalized AM, but at least here there's no specific government policy to
> kill AM.
> Canada is gradually moving all radio programming to FM stations and taking
> the AMs down permanently, although they remain "notified" to the other North
> American countries for treaty purposes and interference calculations.
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