Salem News: Leveille cancellation saddens Generosa

Donna Halper
Fri Jan 9 12:43:00 EST 2009

At 11:45 AM 1/9/2009, Kevin Vahey wrote:

>I feel bad for Peter Casey as this has to be killing him inside.
>Sponsors stepped up and were rebuffed by CBS. I dunno but if CBS can
>support local sportstalk overnight in NY and Philly there has to be
>away to safe it on WBZ.

The sense that I am getting is that the decison came from Dan Mason 
at CBS.  I've known Dan for years, and he was always a "radio first" 
kind of guy, so the economic numbers for CBS must be pretty bad.  But 
that said, is there anything fans and advertisers can do to stand 
with WBZ and let corporate know they MUST find a way to restore some 
of the live and local element that has made WBZ important for nearly 
ninety years?  

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