no HD on BZ?

Dale H. Cook
Mon Jan 5 17:28:16 EST 2009

At 03:52 PM 1/5/2009, Garrett Wollman wrote:

>There are two LATAs in Massachusetts.

Thanks for the clarification, LATA 128 covers more territory than I 
would have expected. I was, admittedly, shooting in the dark 
concerning Massachusetts LATAs as I moved south the year before the 
AT&T breakup and so never had to deal with LATAs in New England.

>Over Boston Harbor there is also the issue of the seasonal temperature

I mentioned refraction, and a temperature inversion is one possible 
cause. Another possible, and I would expect more likely in the case 
of 'BZ, cause is extremely high humidity above the water in the 
summer. In general, anything that greatly increases atmospheric 
density along the microwave path can cause refraction. My experience 
in the matter comes from my years in eastern North Carolina, where 
microwave paths crossing coastal sounds and swamps are subject to refraction.

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