no HD on BZ?

Kevin Vahey
Mon Jan 5 14:52:44 EST 2009

A couple of years ago I asked somebody at channel 4 master what kind
of backup they had if the main link to Needham went down. He laughed
and said xmtr could pick up WCBS-TV from the bird if signal was down
more than 5 minutes.

What makes me laugh (or cry) is today if somebody brought in 16mm film
to channel 4 they would have no way of getting it on the air.

That reminds me of one of my better memories. One Monday night when I
was working summer relief at channel 4 the Red Sox game was on NBC
Monday Night Baseball BUT under rules of that time we had to run the
backup game from Houston. The backup game ended in record short time
and Jim Simpson said 'Good Night from the Astrodome'
AT&T was under orders not to send us the main network feed until 11:29:29.

I looked to see what kind of filler we had and there was a reel that
said filler 30 minutes so up it went. Turns out it was the second reel
of a Tarzan movie.

Ah those were the days.....

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