demise of WHDH (AM) was: Nightcap

Kevin Vahey
Sun Jan 4 14:37:37 EST 2009

The Herald had nothing to offer the Globe for a JOA. The Globe had
better presses, 90 percent of the classified market and so on.

I still believe Murdoch is the secret owner of the Herald as Purcell
just doesn't have the money.

On 1/4/09, Maureen Carney <> wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> I wonder why the Globe has never shown interest in buying out the Herald or
> forming a JOA?  This is probably the single biggest reason why Boston still
> has pure newspaper competition.
> My guess is the Globe thought the Herald would die on it's own. They came
> close enough times. Either that or hubris on the part of ownership and
> management.

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