demise of WHDH (AM) was: Nightcap

Pamela Riesmeyer
Sun Jan 4 07:51:13 EST 2009

At 11:42 PM 1/3/2009, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>The end of WHDH(AM) was one of the saddest days in Boston broadcast 
>history. I remember Howie Carr doing a remote outside channel 7 giving
>away anything with a logo on it.

I wasn't there for that funeral, thankfully, but I think I may still 
have a mike flag or two.

>Radio? The station flourished under Blair and their Stuart St 
>studios were a showcase. But Blair cashed out and once Jess retired 
>in 1991. HDH had lost its soul BUT you have to wonder if the station 
>was still linked to channel 5 it would be as strong as ever today.

I was there from February, 1984 thru October, 1987 - in the Blair 
days and the first months of the Sconnix regime.  Ed Bell had a 
stellar news department but Blair dealt it a serious blow by cutting 
6 people three months after I got there. Ed was able to pick up the 
pieces bu the death blow came under Sconnix.  That's another book 
waiting to be written!


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