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King used to boast--and perhaps still does--that he NEVER read an
author's book before interviewing him/her on the air. I had not heard
that boast when, sometime in the '80s, IIRC, King interviewed either
Steve Jobs or one-time Apple Computer CEO John Sculley, who had just
written a memoir or autobiography that dealt with the rather
tempestutous growth of Apple. The details of the bizarre phase of
Apple's history are unclear in my mind but, IIRC, one of the two (Jobs
or Scully, that is) had hired the other at Apple, then left Apple, was
RE-hired by the guy who had hired him the previous time, and then
wound up firing the guy who had hired him twice. (If that's
incorrect--which it may well be--someone who remembers that phase of
Apple's history will correct me.) Scully came to Apple from a
high-level job at Pepsico (he might even have been CEO of Pepsico) and
his ability to--seemingly--familiarize himself with the unfamiliar
technology was regarded by many as quite remarkable.

Anyhow, King was completely oblivious to this bizarre history when he
did the on-air interview and, because he had never read the book whose
author he was interviewing, he was completely blindsided. I thought he
made a total ass of himself on national network radio. I would have
thought that this embarassing incident would have drawn more media
attention (an opportunity to discredit a competitor) but it died,
apparently without doing King much, if any, harm.

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>I watched him work one night at Mutual's HQ in Crystal City, Virgina.
> Friend from WXPO was his boardman and then he was a real friendly
> guy
> and he took us out to breakfast after the show.
> A family friend was his announcer when he did Dolphins color and we
> swapped stories (Bob Gallager who did Patriots at one time )
> I think it is fair to say Larry King and Jerry Williams were very
> much
> alike. Both Brooklyn bred and always hustling.
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>> At 09:56 PM 1/3/2009, Kevin wrote:
>>>>King in the early 80's was as good as it gets.
>> These days, after over 40,000 interviews, 3 heart surgeries and 7
>> (some sources say 8) marriages, I'm amazed he can still do his show
>> at all.

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