WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

Richard Chonak rac@gabrielmass.com
Fri Jan 2 23:24:32 EST 2009

Kevin Vahey wrote:
> It is frightening to think about but the day may come when CBS decides
> to unload the 1030 blowtorch and somebody like Salem grabs it.

That isn't all that bad an idea.

First, Salem probably could not get big bucks by selling the time for 
preaching shows -- the New England audience for religious radio doesn't 
have a track record of donating lots of money, perhaps due to our famous 
parsimony, but probably due to the relatively small evangelical 
Protestant sector here.

On the other hand, some of Salem's conservative talk shows might perform 
decently on a well-known 50kW station.   Of course, how well they'd 
perform depends on what's up against them, and so on.

A station with a bunch of Salem talk shows -- and who knows, maybe some 
local ones -- wouldn't be as good as having a news station that's live 
and local 6a-6p, but it's not the worst of all possible fates for the 


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