WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

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> >I will add my voice to the choir by saying:  This is horrible.  Where
> > it end?
> >
> > Perhaps, in an overly optimistic vein, the pendulum will begin to swing
> > back.  Corporate people will try to unload some of these properties back
> > to
> > local companies which will pump-in some local cash with hopes of
> > resurrecting them.  Or has the economic model for good, local radio
> > faded into history?
> It's very tough.  What businesses are going to buy ads to support a local
> radio station?  The retail sector, formerly a major supporter of local
> radio, is now dominated by national chains and big box stores.  Few of
> companies spend money on radio.

If the selling prices dip low enough, I'd expect the stations unloaded by
the big corporate chains to go to the bottom-feeder chains rather than
mom-and-pop local ownership, with programming being dollar-a-holler religion
or ethnic. It would be odd to hear that kind of programming on FM, that's
for sure, but if there's nobody out there interested in doing "real
radio" -- or advertising on it -- what else could the future be?


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