WCAP a trend-fighter (was: WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais)

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 14:22:34 EST 2009


I hope you get to save thhose carts and tape... it's something I think is
very important to do.

When I worked at WABV last year, I dubbed some 20 year old "Christian Hit
Radio, AM 1590" WABV jingles to mp3.. along with tons of old liners, promos,
ids and such from WINF 1250 a station north of Columbia, SC thats been dark
for 20 years! (Somehow their carts were at WABV and I have no idea why)

I have both the WABV and WINF stuff as mp3's on this computer, if anyone is
remotely interested in the WABV and WINF stuff, feel free to email me
offlist and I'll be glad to share them by email.

Paul Walker

On 1/2/09, Bill O'Neill <billohno@gmail.com> wrote:
> JohnOnTheSeacoast wrote:
>> It makes you appreciate owners (local) like Clark and Sam at AM980, WCAP.
>> John
> Along with Scott, count me among the WCAP alumni very pleased with Clark
> and the local innovation going on at "The Cap" (an unofficial moniker that's
> a perennial nickname by staff and alums over the years.)
> BTW, I visited the station not too long ago. I was pleased to see that
> there were actually some old tapes and carts stored there that I had used
> over ten to 20 years ago. I hope to get back there and save them to digital
> for posterity.  I think the tacky while refreshing low-tech 'splash in the
> pool' sfx may among the aural survivors.
> Question: what do you recommend for software for dubbing to digital a bunch
> of tape? Something with ease of library classification, etc.  Also, I have
> been looking around for a reel to reel player for 12/7" reels (low budget).
> The tape's not getting any younger. Who knows what I'll discover amidst the
> tape. Something tells me there are more than a couple of early Fybush
> quality gems in there.
> Bill O'Neill

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