FCC DTV vs analog coverage change maps

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>It doesn't help either that several Boston stations won't have full 
>ATSC power for a while, such as 7 (after February), 25 (no analog 
>transmitter anymore), 38 and 56. At my apartment in downtown Salem 
>I can only get 2, 4, 5, 7 and 44 in digital (analog is worse; I 
>only get 7 in NTSC) and not all at the same time.

I finally got around to installing the DTV-to-analog box I got with 
my coupon a few weeks ago.  As it turns out, from an arterial road in
Methuen near the NH border, I get the digital versions of channels 2,
4,5 and 44 (all on the Cedar St, Needham tower) plus WHDH-DT from the
Eiffel-clone tower in Newton.  Missing are 25's DT and 56's DT.  But,
I also get 27's DT and 66's DT, neither of which I can understand
because all the speech is in Spanish, BUT the females ARE HOT.  I'm
using the Radio Shack amplified antenna with an internal rotator that seems to 
work, thus I can also get WMUR-DT on channel  59, but nothing, nada
on 11 or 60. WZMY-35 is also good. My "big" TV is on overpriced Comcast cable; 
the decoder box is being used on a table-model 19-incher in the kitchen. So far,
the weirdest thing is that I can get flawless, studio-quality reception
one day, then 'NO SIGNAL' the next, with similar weather conditions.
I've speculated that the engineers may be fiddling around with the equipment
pending the arrival of February 18th.  Two stations, WGBH-DT and WHDH-DT
offer a second channel that fills up my screen, which is helpful on a 
table model TV...the others are in a letterbox that appears sharper and brighter
than when I was using the set for analog reception, but a little less impressive
nevertheless as a result of the smaller image.  I wish they all offered SD.

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