WBZ cuts Leveille, Cuddy, Dyett, poss. Desmarais

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Fri Jan 2 12:30:27 EST 2009

It makes you appreciate owners (local) like Clark and Sam at AM980, WCAP.


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I will add my voice to the choir by saying:  This is horrible.  Where does
it end?

Perhaps, in an overly optimistic vein, the pendulum will begin to swing
back.  Corporate people will try to unload some of these properties back to
local companies which will pump-in some local cash with hopes of
resurrecting them.  Or has the economic model for good, local radio really
faded into history?

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The biggest common denominator is merger-driven corporate debt.   
Everyone is hurting to be sure, but the companies in the worst  
trouble are those who borrowed their way to the top.  Since that is  
pretty much everyone at the current top, it's hard to distinguish  
them from the rest of the business, but they are the ones who are  
most fiercely cutting their way into the dumpster.

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